proNotes Features

proNotes has a whole host of feature to keep you organized and help you find your information quickly.  The whole philosophy behind proNotes is to give you powerful features that keep you productive without getting in your way.


See how you can create and view all categories, titles, notes, to-dos, and attachments all without ever leaving the main window.

See more about the Main Window and view a demo...Features_Single_Window.htmlFeatures_Single_Window.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

As soon as you create a new note it’s automatically organized for you in the Main Window and it’s fully searchable.  proNotes does this for you on the fly so you can keep working.

You can click on titles and categories to see notes.  You can create a snapshot to find a particular note or group of notes or you can type in search text to zero in on exactly what you want.  Either way you’ll find what you want quickly.

Any note, to-do or attachment can be encrypted with AES-256 level encryption.   Encrypted notes don’t even show up in the main window unless you’ve unlock proNotes.  Store passwords and attachments knowing you’re using the worldwide standard for security.

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Intuitive Single Window Design

Notes are Organized Automatically

Fast Searching with a Click, Type or Snap

Secure AES-256 Bit Encryption

See how you can view a proNote in it’s own window and learn more about its capabilities including to-dos and attachments.

See more about the Note Window and view a demo...Features_proNote.htmlFeatures_proNote.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

What is a proNote?