How can proNotes help me?


Question: I’ve set up a folder on my hard drive for each class this semester.  In each class folder I save Word documents with my notes, scans of handouts and PowerPoints of the lectures given to us by the professor.  My problem is now, half-way through the year each class folder is filled with files and I don’t know which hand-outs go with which notes and lectures.   How can proNotes help me?

Mary, Student

Question: Each time I meet with a customer I take notes in my paper note book (I’m never going to take notes on a computer during a meeting).  If I have any to-dos I write them down and enter them into a to-do program later.  I have two problems: 1) it’s hard for me to go back and find specific information, like when the customer told me about “Project Game Changer” and 2) it’s hard to keep track of all of my to-dos because I can’t tell which meeting generated them.  How can proNotes help me?



Answer:  When you get back to the office, create a proNote with the meeting highlights and any todos.

How-To: You don’t have to transcribe the whole meeting into a proNotes, just create a bullet-point list of the most important parts, like the details of “Project Game Changer.”  proNotes automatically indexes your notes for you so if you type “game” or “changer” or “acme project” the note will come right up.

As for your to-dos, just enter them into the same note.  Every proNote has a to-do section.  This keeps them linked to the note, automatically connects them with your customer.  Even though your to-dos are associated with individual notes, with one click proNotes will show you all your to-dos in one place and because you can assign due dates and priorities they’ll be sorted for you.

Question: Ever time I get a new listing, I have a standard set of information I need to record and I’d like to attach a picture.  I’ll have hundreds of these.  How can proNotes help me?

Brooke, Realtor

Answer:  Set up a note as a template for each listing.  When you get a new listing, duplicate that note and attach a picture.

How-To: Create a new note with the heading for all the information you need.  When you have a new listing, duplicate the template, give it a category of “Listings” and a title of the address.  Fill in the information and drag and drop a photo right into the text field.  proNotes will give you the ability to change the image size and the actual file will show up in the note’s attachment pane.  We have users with thousands of notes so it can handle plenty of listings.

Question: I need a secure place to store my important documents, confidential notes and passwords.   How can proNotes help me?

Mike, User

Answer:  proNotes has AES-256 encryption for text and attachments.

How-To: With proNotes you can encrypt text, to-dos and attachments.  In fact, unless you “unlock” proNotes, encrypted notes don’t even appear in the interface.  Encrypted information can only be decrypted in proNotes and only with your passcode.  Even the proNotes developers wouldn’t can’t break it (so don’t forget your password!).  proNotes is a great place to store confidential information.

Answer: proNotes makes this simple: create a new proNote each time you attend a lecture.  The note will be automatically indexed for you and all your notes, to-dos, PDFs and PowerPoints will all be linked together.

How-To: You don’t need to create folders or come up with some fancy way store your stuff.  Just create a new note with the category of “Spring Semester” and the class name for the title (i.e. “European History”).  Since every proNote can store text, to-dos and attachments, you can keep everything in one place all connected to each other and all associated with the European History lecture you attended on that particular day.  The next time you attend a lecture just create a new note – the category and title will be filled in automatically, they’ll be time and date stamped and stored for you chronologically.